Betsy was very helpful in the development of an excellent annual report for us, doing the writing and recruiting great talent for layout and design. She was a delight to work with and the proof is in the wonderful product of which we are proud.

Deborah Shore, Executive Director, Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Betsy has accomplished all of her assignments with integrity, humor and a high degree of personalization. I would work with her again and have recommended her to many others.

Paul Douglas Michnewicz, Director of Arts and Events, Reston Community Center

Betsy helped the Children’s Center develop a new website, brochures, and annual report. She was reliable, prompt, and very pleasant to work with. Her writing gave a clear picture of our mission and what makes the Center unique in the field of education.

Elizabeth Page, Executive Director, Falls Church-McLean Children's Center

Betsy came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We pulled her into a topic that she knew nothing about, and she created a polished finished product out of our very rough material. A disciplined and responsive pro.

Steve Geary

I first knew Betsy as a service provider when I hired her to be a communications consultant for the nonprofit organization I was leading. Her work was creative, professional and produced great results. Since that time I left the nonprofit and opened a consultancy. Now, Betsy and I have worked as consultants (she in communications, me in development) for the same client. She continues to impress me with her willingness to work hard for her clients, bring her vast experience to bear on the project at hand and accomplish the stated goals on time and on budget. She is a real gem!

Elizabeth Gill

Betsy is a delight to work with. She is capable, knowledgeable, responsive and produces results. She has great energy and enthusiasm and is easy to work with. Her writing and communication skills are excellent. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Susan Leyformer Executive DirectorWendt Center for Loss and Healing

Betsy doesn’t just “do” a project. She takes charge. She takes ownership. She’s on time. She communicates problem areas and issues in a timely manner. Her work is excellent. She is honest, thoughtful, creative and smart! Common sense! Hooray for common sense! I can’t believe I let so many years go by without her. But now I feel she is an integral part of our team. Three cheers for Betsy Rosso!

Greg WarnerPresidentMarketSmart

There is nothing more reassuring than having a talented writer invite me to be on her web team. Betsy is talented, professional, conscientious, and reliable. Our most recent project had a challenging schedule and she provided spot-on copy, on time, and with a terrific attitude. I look forward to working with her again.

Heather CoxPresidentMillerCox Design, Inc.

Betsy is the consummate professional and project manager. In addition to being a fine writer, she was able to corral a group of busy professionals to get individual bios written within a short time frame. She was able to deliver a high-quality new website for our all-volunteer group of seasoned executive coaches in just a few weeks’ time. Betsy exceeded our expectations in finding resources we needed for updating the code for our site so that we were able to meet a very tight schedule. We are very satisfied with her work and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

David Coleman Ph.D.Executive Coaching Roundtable

Betsy has done a terrific job over the past three years writing our annual report and other copy on occasion. Her writing really makes our messaging come alive. She’s great at taking data and basic program information and reproducing it in a way that is compelling to our donors and other stakeholders. What would take us hours and days of drafts and rewrites, Betsy can do much better in a short amount of time, so she’s a valuable resource to our program.

Khari BrownExecutive DirectorCapital Partners for Education